Valley View HS Art Teacher Molding Art Curriculum

Valley View High School Art Teacher Michael Bernbaum has been selected to share his expertise! Mr. Bernbaum will be participating as a member of the California Art Subject Matter Advisory Panel. This panel will shape the educational process for thousands of future art teachers throughout the state of California. All California teacher candidates are required to demonstrate competence in the subject matter they will be authorized to teach. Candidates for the Single Subject Art Teaching Credential have two options available for satisfying this requirement. They can either complete a Commission-approved subject matter preparation program or they can pass the appropriate Commission-adopted subject matter examination.

The panel is charged with developing and writing content standards for all the university and college programs that prepare secondary art teachers. It also has the task of reviewing the subject matter examination and modifying it to reflect the new state adopted content standards. We are proud of his dedication to the preservation of outstanding art instruction within our public school system. This will not be an easy task and will involve a commitment to spend hundreds of hours reading and writing to accomplish their goals.

Mr. Bernbaum is a “Master Teacher” and provides the highest quality of instruction to his students at Valley View High School. Congratulations Mr. Bernbaum!