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Kick Start Art

Riverside Art Museum is offering to Kickstart your creativity with these take-home kits! Each kit has a different theme: Animals, Art Around the World, and Oceans of Fun.

Superintendent's Summer Arts Academy

The Superintendent's Summer Arts Academy will be taking place from June 22nd through July 17th, 2020 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00AM - 11:00AM. This summer program is open to Grades 3-12.  Students will gain Theatrical experience and perform selections from Disney's "Frozen - Kids Musical." Register Now at

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ELEMENTARY BAND is taking on a NEW look!
Distance learning has caused many adaptations this school year and Elementary Band is one!  Students will now experience individualized instruction on their instrument. No… not private lessons, but level appropriate and instrument specific! Students will meet with like instruments and ability levels.  THIS IS EXCITING! Now students will work in a virtual setting with the same type of instruments. Clarinets will not have to sit and wait for the trumpets to create that first buzz!  Trumpets will not have to wait for the flutes to learn where their fingers are placed. THIS IS FANTASTIC!  Lesson times are condensed to 30 minutes. This will support classroom instruction and allow for the scheduling of all band classes.
Students learning to play for the first time will be placed in the “Technique Class”. Instruction will be focused on the basic techniques needed for student success. Students playing for one or more years will be placed in the “Musicianship Class.” This placement will allow them to move faster than ever before. No… this is not the best way to learn a musical instrument. However, it is making a lemon slushy out of bad lemons. IT WILL BE AMAZING!
Don’t wait… sign up today.  Instruction will begin October 5th, 2020.